Creating a home that feels comfortable year-round is not about undertaking massive seasonal transformations. Instead, it involves a few thoughtful adjustments that make your space feel welcoming, regardless of the time of year.

Changing out textiles is an easy and effective seasonal update. Lightweight materials in light hues for spring and summer can be replaced with heavier, warmer fabrics in deeper tones for fall and winter. This applies to throw pillows, blankets, bedding, and even curtains.

Switching up accessories and tabletop décor is another simple way to acknowledge the change of seasons. A bowl of pine cones or an autumn-inspired centerpiece can transition to festive holiday décor, and later, to fresh flowers or vibrant table linens.

Incorporate seasonal scents through candles or diffusers. Fresh, floral scents for spring and summer can give way to cozy, spiced fragrances for fall and winter.

By paying attention to the changing seasons and making subtle shifts in your décor, you create a home that’s always in tune with the environment around you, promoting a sense of continuity and harmony throughout the year.

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