Your HVAC system is busy year-round, pumping out warm or cold air. If you were to have ducts that are leaking, this could end up costing you a lot of money throughout the year.

Since your ducts run through your entire home, a leak in an uninsulated area, such as your attic, could have big consequences. Not only would you be losing the air from inside of the ducts into this space, but you could also take in air that hasn’t been treated as well, which would further affect the temperature in your home, and it could bring with it dust and smells.

Problems usually start near the HVAC unit itself, since the pressure will be greater there, so checking for cracks or unsealed seams there might help you find the problem quickly. If you find that your attic or crawlspace is cooler than it should be, that could also be a clue as to where the leak is located. 

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