With the warmer months comes the need for air conditioning. Have you got your air conditioning system ready for summer? Here are a few tips on how to clean and prep your a/c system:

After months of cold weather, the exterior air conditioning unit will no doubt have accumulated all kinds of dirt and debris. Clearing this away is a good place to start. Next, remove the cover of the unit and clear away any dirt from inside as well. You will see hundreds of metal fins that surround piping coils. Some of these fins may be bent, requiring you to straighten them out again using a tool called a fin comb.

Take a look at the drainage lines, which should be firmly attached to the air conditioning unit. If they are not, make sure that they are not blocked with dirt and then reconnect them to the unit. The a/c unit will not work properly unless condensed water can drain from it.

Another important thing to check when cleaning your a/c unit is the filters. If filters are damaged or dirty, it will affect your home’s air quality. You will want to clean them thoroughly, or, if they look too bad, replace them.

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